Learning visits - Third Places for Europe

Learning visits - Third Places for Europe

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La Grange Bouillon cube

La Grange - Bouillon cube

Some 40 kilometres from Montpellier, the rocky land of Causse de la Selle is home   to La Grange (The Barn) and its bustling activities. Bouillon cube has taken over the place since the creation of the   association, 15 years ago, and transforms this old stone farmhouse into a   factory of rural territory. This place full of stories, has passed through   the centuries by many configurations: from magnanerie to glassware, farm body   or mansion, and today develops all kinds of original activities : concerts,   residences of artists, European exchanges, workshops for the youngest,   third-place... The Third Place of the Barn affirms its singularity and its cultural   identity through an establishment in its territory, and its approach through   popular education.

The Distillery

Located in the heart of Lodève, city of Art and History, La Distillerie is a third-place where creation and manufacturing have been working together since 2017. 

A place of experimentation, training and sharing between artisans, artists, associations and individuals, the Distillery aims to encourage interaction and diversity through manual, physical and artistic activities, while serving as a leaven for the local economy. 

It hosts many workshops (wood/metal, earth/ceramics, body expression, bakeware/bakery, canteen, coworking, and associations La Manufacture des Pays, and Potentiels Jeunes) around the «make it together».
le spot tiers lieux

Le Spot

The Spot , born in 2013, is a hybrid third-place of 500 m2 with transversal actions (economic and social cultural) located in the Gambetta-Richelieu district in Nîmes. 

The venue was conceived from the start in tandem with “The Expo de Ouf!” , a historic Nîmois festival that has brought together thousands of local residents every year for the past 10 years, of the metropolis and tourists around an artistic route of monumental frescoes made by plastic artists in the neighborhood and interspersed with multiple forms of urban art and performances in the public space. 

From the beginning, the team was driven by the desire to upgrade, by art and culture. a disadvantaged and discredited neighborhood. Today, the Spot brings together a multitude of activities and uses: an art gallery, a concert hall, conferences, meetings, video-projection... as well as a bar managed by the Coopérative Les Spots

La Palanquée

Third place in the Thauinitié basin by a collective of inhabitants in 2019, the Palanquéehas been deploying its project since September 2022 from a building of 800m2 in the heart of Sète. This includes a project incubator, a FabLab, a cafeteria, a coworking space. The third place aims to instill an entrepreneurial dynamic that meets the challenges and opportunities of ecological transition, social innovation and solidarity in the territory. 
Les Nouvelles Grisettes

Les Nouvelles Grisettes

In the former Halles Sud de France, in Pérols (Métropole de Montpellier), Les Nouvelles Grisettes opens the first third place of fashion and responsible textile in Occitanie.

A real resource centre for professionals and an atypical and modern living space for consumers.

This unifying and innovative space welcomes professionals and the general public around several activities:   

  • L'Atelier de confection collaboratif et les espaces de coworking
  • Le Grand Magasin, concept-store of the brands of the region 
  • A program of events around the regional chains 
  • Le Café-restaurant (by My Chef)
This third-party venue aims to develop the fashion and textile short circuit at the regional level, to promote responsible fashion and develop business opportunities for local stakeholders.

The Collaborative Carpentry

The Menuiserie Collaborative (MCo) is a third place dedicated to woodworking and crafts in Occitanie.

Since its creation in 2017, the MCo has provided woodworkers with a workshop equipped with a state-of-the-art machine park and workshop spaces (metal, fabric, ceramic, bronze...). 

Also accessible to private individuals, training in craft techniques is provided to beginners as well as experts. MCo also manufactures custom elements and specializes in prototyping and series. This manufacturing activity makes it possible to welcome people in social and professional integration. Involved in various networks, MCO makes woodworking accessible to all audiences and promotes local artisans through events and meetings. 

The approach also questions, in relation to different partners, the current challenges of re-employment, the ecological impact, the relationship to work and consumption.
La Menuiserie Collaborative

La maison Gisèle Halimi

Installée dans une friche tertiaire entièrement reconvertie au coeur du  quartier prioritaire  de  de la Mosson (25 000 habitants) , l’Espace Gisèle Halimi est un nouvel équipement public de 3000m² fonctionnant comme un tiers-lieu dédié aux solidarités pour les habitants du quartier, créé dans le cadre du programme de rénovation urbaine de La Mosson. Il offre une large gamme de services d'appui aux personnes et à leurs projets (accès aux droits, inclusion numérique, prévention santé, développement économique et innovation, fablab, transformation urbaine...), et encourager des démarches collectives portées par les associations et les  habitants. A titre d'exemples, l'aménagement du parvis a été réalisé au travers d'un atelier participatif, et un tiers-lieu culinaire sera porté par des femmes du quartier de la Mosson au travers de la création d'une couveuse d'activités.